Pittman Seafoods

From premium fresh
to premium frozen



Birger, quality inspector:
"'My senses often have to work in overdrive. Every product that comes in is taste-tested. We also test the fish microbiologically: we are constantly taking samples in order to be able to guarantee quality."


We ensure the best possible processing, a faultless freezing process and the traceable transportation of our products in order to guarantee a finished product of exceptional quality.

How do we optimise the processing of our fish cubes and steaks?

  • Our fully automatic sawing line: everything takes place in a single product flow. The result is that the process runs very smoothly and the product remains at the right temperature.
  • After sawing the fish, the weight of the resulting steaks is regularly checked.

What is a faultless freezing process?

  • During the entire production process, the fish always remains cooled to the right temperature.
  • It's extremely important to reach the required core temperature (-20°C) as quickly as possible.
  • Pittman follows the established norms for the amount of water the products are sprayed with to form a protective ice glaze after freezing.

How are products controlled during transport?

  • Pittman Seafoods uses temperature record cards to help monitor the refrigeration of its containers.
  • For the transport of containers, Pittman Seafoods uses its own temperature loggers so that an overall report can be viewed upon the arrival of the containers at their destination.


Pittman is a dynamic company with the character of a family business. We're always standing by, ready to address the needs of our clients. And just as in previous years, we continue to do all we can for the environment.
We use solar mats and regularly seek out solutions for reducing water usage in production. We also work together with the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research. Sustainable fishing is an absolute top priority.


Our employees are the driving force behind Pittman Seafoods. It's thanks to their consistent hard work that Pittman can pride itself on being your partner in success.

Do you require fish in a specific shape and size? Something different from the standard offering? Pittman Seafoods has a much more automated sawing process compared with most other processing companies, and we also tend to be more flexible in terms of shape and size. Because of our reliable suppliers, Pittman Seafoods can also deliver large amounts quickly, whether it be within Belgium or elsewhere in Europe.

Do you require natural portions in specific sizes? We seek out suppliers that saw the fish in the exact size required. For example, we are able to purchase fresh salmon in Norway and ship it to Poland where it is processed to create a product that meets the client's exact requirements. Throughout the production process, a local team member is on location to follow up on all operations.


Our philosophy has remained the same since day one. From purchasing to production, ethical and social factors have always been of vital importance to Pittman Seafoods. We've also picked up a great deal of knowledge and know-how over the years. Nowadays, there's not a great deal we don't know about the sea and its many varieties of fish and crustacean

One of our charitable contributions has been to support a project in Uganda. Thanks to a financial injection and the sharing of our know-how, the local population in Uganda have been able to purchase fishing nets and sewing machines. In partnership with Rotary and a professor from Ghent, we have helped to dig fish ponds in which to farm tilapia.

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