Pittman Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable and socially responsible

We understand the importance of ecological balance. If we want to manage the seas and oceans in a sustainable manner, we have to go about fishing in a respectful and responsible way. That's why Pittman Seafoods takes a sensitive approach to fishing and aquaculture and strives to import certified fish (or a viable alternative) as often as possible. We are MSC and ASC certified, but because there's more to it than logos and labels, we also work with the independent Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO). Thanks to this government institution, which uses scientifically substantiated results, we are still able to offer socially responsible fish, even if it doesn't carry a logo or certificate. When fishing, we always keep three parameters in mind: biological characteristics, ecological effects and management. Above all, we always know precisely where our fish comes from. Traceability is extremely important if we want to maintain quality and quantity.

  • Offer quality fish
  • Be able to provide clients with accurate information regarding the fish and its origin
  • Ensure the consumer eats fish caught in a responsible manner

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Charity contributions

Charity organisations also count on Pitmann Seafoods. We regularly contribute to social projects, such as foodbanks or the children's charity Mama's voor kinderen ('Mamas for children'). We also contribute to charities abroad. In Uganda, for example, we helped to dig a fish pond in which to farm tilapia.

Do you represent a charity? Contact us to discuss a possible partnership.


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