Atlantic salmon

Atlantic Salmon

Our Atlantic Salmon

Why Buying?

Atlantic salmon is available all year round.

Pittman Seafoods has a large assortment of products, ranging from natural portions (size varies) to chunks, slices and cubes.

By founding Omega CFoods (www.omegacfoods.com), Pittman Seafoods has a strong presence in the purchasing and production of fish in Chile.

Pittman Seafoods has partnered with a certified manufacturer for the purpose of transporting Norwegian salmon. Processing takes place in Norway or Poland and flexible delivery times are guaranteed.

Thanks to its own cutting line in Zeebrugge, Belgium, Pittman Seafoods can saw salmon cubes weighing 6 grams and above.

Pittman Seafoods can offer organic, ASC & Global Gap-certified products.

Whole fillets

Trim C & Trim E
Standard range: 2-3 lbs


Center-cut and/or end-to-end natural portions (deepskinned, boneless)
Standard range: 140-160 g & 190-210 g

Fillet pieces

Hand-cut pieces made out of fillet portions (deepskinned, boneless)
Standard range: 5-20 g

Smoked slices

Cubes & Steaks

Machine-cut portions made out of industrial blocks
Standard range: from 3,5 g up to 150 g

Other sizes

available upon request

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